What is Estate Planning?

Contrary to popular opinion, estate planning is not simply having a will. And estate planning is not just for the rich.

If you do not have an estate plan, you will not be able to define how your assets will be distributed upon your passing or if you become incapacitated. Having a comprehensive estate plan dictates how your assets will be distributed and will minimize taxes and headaches to your heirs.

What We Do
At Shepherd Elder Law, we will work closely with you to understand your total estate, including financial, legal, family and health care situations. Only then will we design a customized estate plan that works for you. 

This may include a last will and testament, tax minimization strategies, living will, health care proxy, a durable power of attorney and various trust formulations. 

Once your customized estate plan is finalized, we will ensure that all necessary documents are executed and that any executors are fully informed. And when your estate changes over the years, we will update your plan accordingly.

Estate Planning

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